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We were founded in 1981.  Appropriately that was the year the Rolling Stones had a monster hit with Start Me Up. And, like Mick Jagger, we’re both going strong several decades later.  The first restaurant was right on Capitola Beach.  It's not much larger than the average bedroom, but that tiny Capitola restaurant has become a landmark for surfers and beachgoers alike.  Summer days often see the line for pizza reach nearly a block long.  We're proud to say pizza and surf now go together in Capitola like hot dogs and baseball.

Stoked with the success in Capitola, Pizza My Heart opened in downtown Santa Cruz a few years later. This was a big upgrade for both local and tourists as there was actually room to sit down and enjoy a slice.  After the ’89 earthquake damaged our building, we moved to our current location on Pacific Avenue, bringing along our great pizza and even greater customers.

In 1997, possibly while jivin’ to the top 10 hit I Like It Like That, the original Pizza My Heart founders decided that more time surfing was something they would like. So they merged their operations with Pizza A Go Go, another concept dedicated to great food, customer service and fun.   We’ve grown a lot since then, but the thing that made us great in Capitola in 1981 is still what makes us great today.  Fresh, hand tossed pizza, the best ingredients we can find, and customers who tell us every day that when we make a great pizza – They Like it Like That.

We are family owned and have no plans to franchise or sell out.  We are committed to serving the best pizza in California and we believe that staying family owned is the only way to do that.  We open a few new restaurants each year to serve a few more customers.  If you’ve been with us from the beginning, or joined any time along the way – Thank You.  If you haven’t yet discovered Pizza My Heart, we invite you to roll on in and say “Start Me Up”!   We promise it’s a habit you’ll come to love.

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Pizza My Heart Mission

Our Mission

Keep it simple:   We want our pizza and our service to impress you enough that you tell your friends about us!

When customers do our advertising for us, we can concentrate on making great pizza and giving superb service.  

We believe a pizza place should be fun. We started in one of the "funnest" places on Earth…Capitola Beach.  Since then, each time we open a new restaurant, we bring a slice of the beach with us.  Our Willow Glen restaurant displays the “world’s largest wooden surfboard” while others have surf memorabilia from the pro circuit and famous surf movies. By creating a fun atmosphere and hiring fun people, we think you’ll have fun each time you visit Pizza My Heart.

As much as we value the fun factor, we are nothing without our food quality. In fact, you could say superior food quality is Pizza My Heart's "secret formula."

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Pizza My Heart Secret

The Secret, Revealed

What makes Pizza My Heart pizza so good? Truth is, almost all pizza is made from the same ingredients. So whats our secret? Well, we have many but the first is a little bit of patience.

Every ball of dough matures for at least 36 hours before you get to enjoy it. This way we let it rise slowly and give the yeast time to work its magic (yes we have magical yeast). We also give our sauce and spices ample time to mingle and enhance the natural goodness of the ingredients. And trust us you will taste that goodness in every bite.

Our commitment to serving award-winning pizza goes a step further with our healthy, natural and locally sourced ingredients. That means working with our distributers to buy antibiotic free chicken and bacon that is free of nitrates and nitrites (because who likes nitrates and nitrites on their pizza?). And when you read Canadian bacon on our menu, you can be sure youre going to enjoy real Canadian bacon and not the cheap processed stuff.

It also means adorning our pizzas with garlic and cheese that come only from the Golden State, and using ripe California tomatoes that are fresh packed and never reconstituted. Were also the first pizza chain in the nation to switch to black olives that do not contain
ferrous sulfate.

Bottom line, the secret is not only truly great ingredients, but its our care and pride baked into every pizza we serve.

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Pizza My Heart Outreach

Community Outreach

We try to fulfill as many of our donation requests as possible. Pizza My Heart is especially interested in helping schools and
within our delivery zones. Annually, we end up donating thousands of gift certificates and free slice cards. If you’ve got a good cause, please e-mail Donations@pizzamyheart.com and tell us about your event, who it benefits, and why we should help out.  We prefer email because it’s fast, and eco-friendly. Remember to include your contact information and mailing address in the email.  

Scrip Program
We believe that there is no better investment in our community than to support our local schools.  They are our future leaders, customers and friends.  With that in mind, we offer what may be the most aggressive scrip program in the Bay Area. For use in school fundraising programs we sell our:

$5 gift cards for $4.40
$10 gift cards for $8.50
$20 gift cards for $16.00

Is your school signed up with us yet?  Please e-mail Allison@pizzamyheart.com to get started in the program.

Looking to raise money for your charitable organization? Holding a fundraiser at your local Pizza My Heart is not only fun and easy, but a whopping 30% donation goes back to your group from the sales during your event! It works like this:

Click the button below and fill out the form to request your fundraiser. Fundraising events can be held Monday Wednesday from 4-9PM (we recommend booking your fundraiser at least two weeks in advance).

After a Store Manager confirms your fundraiser, email Allison@pizzamyheart.com to request a customized flyer to promote your fundraising event.

Your group publicizes the event by distributing the flyers and using other marketing tactics (see below for tips).

When the big night arrives, all of your supporters either come in to the restaurant to order dinner (dine in or take out) or they call into have it delivered. All they have to do is show the flyer or tell the cashier at time of ordering that this order is for the fundraiser.

Then, in 1-2 weeks you receive a check for 30% of the total sales brought in by your group. Its that easy!

Click here for tips on how to throw a successful fundraiser.

School Tours
One of our best outreach programs also happens to be the most fun. We give elementary school tours of a Pizza My Heart restaurant near the school. A typical tour starst around 9 AM with about 20 students, a teacher, and 4-5 parent helpers. The students get a tour of how a restaurant is operated. We gauge the information for the appropriate age, but Kindergarten through 3rd grade tends to work the best. By 10:30 AM, each student has made their own pizza and is ready to head back to school with great memories, a lot of new information and a souvenir PMH shirt. Tours are available in English or Spanish. Please email Allison@pizzamyheart.com to book your tour at least a month in advance. There is no charge to the school or non-profit, and Mondays through Wednesdays work the best.

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