Our commitment to serving award-winning pizza goes a step further with our healthy, natural and locally sourced ingredients.  It’s a commitment to your health, your enjoyment of the food and the sustainability of our homes and environment.

So what makes Pizza My Heart so tasty? Truth is, almost all pizza is made from the same ingredients. So what’s our secret? Well, we have many but the first is a little bit of patience.

Every ball of dough matures for at least 36 hours before you get to enjoy it. This way we let it rise slowly and give the yeast time to work it’s magic (yes, we have magical yeast). We also give our sauce and spices ample time to mingle and enhance the natural goodness of the ingredients. Trust us, you will taste that goodness in every bite.

Other things we’ve done to make Pizza My Heart the best:

  • All of our garlic and cheese comes from local farms in California

  • The tomatoes in our sauce are grown in the Central Valley, picked and canned within hours to preserve freshness without processing and preservatives.

  • We only use antibiotic-free chicken

  • Our Bacon and Pepperoni are free of nitrates and nitrites (because would anyone ever order nitrates and nitrites on their pizza?).

  • Our Canadian bacon is the real deal – actual Canadian bacon, not the cheaper, processed “chewed and glued” stuff.

  • Pizza My Heart was the first pizza chain in the nation (and still one of the few) to switch to black olives that do not contain ferrous sulfate (because that stuff sounds too nasty to be in our food).

We take great pride in supporting our local community and we live in one of the country’s finest produce capitals.  So being able to purchase fresh produce from local growers provides us with quality food and supports our local growers, farms and community.  Did you know a typical tomato travels on average 1,569 miles from where it is grown to where it is sold?  Garlic travels about 1,800 food miles.  And all that travel, from farm to plate, means freshness is sacrificed.  At Pizza My Heart we make every effort to bring you high quality pizza through locally sourced ingredients ‘cuz we all want to fuel our appetites with fresher, tastier food while serving our community and the environment.

Bottom line, we believe our secret to great pizza is not only truly fresh ingredients but also the care and pride we bake into every pizza we serve.