The Gift that Goes with Fun

You know how it works. You give somebody a gift card to some big store and they’re supposed to get something they want but end up using it on a jumbo box of Q-tips and 2-for-1 special on trash can liners. How thoughtful of you! Now picture that friend having a great lunch at Pizza My Heart and thinking fondly of you. Or ordering up a couple delicious large pies and inviting you over for cold drinks and hot pizza.

The gift is up to you, but we’ve made it easier with the new Pizza My Heart gift cards. Choose a card design, choose a value, give us some money and you’re done. Which is a good thing, since you’ll be so popular with friends, co-workers, coaches, teachers and neighbors your social calendar will be busier than the Kardashians.

Gift cards are available at any Pizza My Heart restaurant, or you can purchase them here:

For larger orders, special deals and incentives, contact

2019 Collector Shirts are Here!

Step into some happy Aloha California with our 2019 collector shirt. Just $8 and includes a free slice of pizza.   It may look like a Hawaiian design but we’ve infused it with a little California attitude when you look closely.  Perfect for just about anywhere and anytime.  For each shirt you order we’ll include a certificate for a free slice of pizza at any Pizza My Heart restaurant.   So get your shirt, your slice and get outside and enjoy some Aloha!



A few years back (let’s not discuss how many), my friend Michael and I were sitting in a bar in Honolulu, just back from a day at Makaha.  We had a black and a red pen, a napkin and a few cold ones. We drew the Pizza My Heart logo right then and there. It was simple, cool and inspired by the ocean. We liked it so much, we slapped the new logo on a T-shirt, and they started selling like hotcakes. Now we’ve sold over a million shirts. For all of you that have worn one, we thank you and yes, it does look great on you!

You can score a great slice of Pizza My Heart pizza, and a high quality Pizza My Heart t-shirt at each location for only $7.  Each shirt has the name of the city where you bought it – a place we’re proud to have at Pizza My Heart.

Visit our SHOW US YOUR SHIRT page and submit your picture wearing your Pizza My Heart shirt.  If we think it’s really cool and unique, we might feature you on this website and send you a gift card for free food. It worked for these people (take a look). Or, buy a Pizza My Heart shirt online (for yourself, a friend, or lots of friends) and we’ll send you the shirt and a coupon for your Free slice.  What’s better than that?

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